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Attention Women of Faith in Toxic Marriages 

Here are 3 Questions Christian Women in Toxic Marriages Need Answers to Before Deciding to Divorce

I Made This Short Video That Reveals THOSE 3 QUESTIONS HERE 👇

👆Watch This First 👆

If you're a Christian woman considering divorce, chances are you're in a toxic marriage and you've been there for years. You've heard all of the theology, philosophy, and opinion on the subject of divorce, but you still feel like you're questions aren't being answered. You still feel like nothing you've read captures what you're going through and gives you answers on how to move forward. 


Most Women of God that find me are asking themselves one of 3 questions...


1. Why hasn't God fixed/saved my marriage?

2. Is Divorce Biblical?

3. What about the kids?


You would think that finding the answer would be as simple as doing a quick Google search or asking your Pastor, but it's not. Most marriage resources aren't created for those suffering in toxic marriages, and most divorce material isn't created for believers. So you feel stuck with no wisdom, no truth, and no help.


You just want to know how to move from toxicity to freedom. If that sounds like you, then I've got the solution. Introducing the Complete Guide to Christian Toxic Marriage and Divorce: For Women of Faith

Inside you'll get...



Immediate access to a video where I give you the answers to the 3 questions above. No judgment or condemnation. No advice from the perspective of some who isn't a believer and who has never walked in your shoes. Answers based on both scripture and experience.


Practical Exercises


Quiz & Worksheet Bonuses

Printable PDF with 3 practical exercises designed to help you apply what we've discussed to your specific marriage. No more generic information that you can't apply. Immediately apply what you've learned and create a plan to move forward.

A Printable PDF quiz designed to introduce you to the two types of marriages described in scripture, and diagnose which type of marriage you're in. Plus a worksheet to help you diagnose your marriage by examining its fruit.

Guide Cover.PNG

This product is jam-packed with biblical information about Christian marriage and divorce. The reality is that toxic marriage is unlike any other marriage. The normal stay-and-pray advice just simply doesn't work. If you're reading this then you've likely realized that already, but you're not sure why. Why is your marriage so different from what you expected as a Christian woman, or even from what you see other people experiencing? Why hasn't anyone been able to help you understand what is happening and what to do about it? Why do you feel like divorce really is the best option, yet feel like that is an oxymoron for a Christian? You have been dealing with emotional, physical, mental, sexual, or financial abuse for years and you desperately want relief. How and where can you find that relief? What does it practically look like to understand what God wants you to do about your toxic situation? Look no further, your answer are just one click away. Order Now!

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