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The Problem


For decades, many women of faith have endured toxic and abusive marriages. Seeking help from religious mentors often results in guilt and pressure to stay, despite ongoing abuse that harms their mental and physical health, as well as their children's well-being.

Those who bravely pursue divorce face further challenges, struggling to find faith-aligned recovery advice and navigating a biased family court system. This exacerbates their trauma and hinders their ability to heal and rebuild their lives.

Our Plan


Freedom Through Divorce is a faith-based company dedicated to transforming and repairing Christian families impacted by toxic marriage and divorce, into world disrupters and kingdom ambassadors.

What is Freedom Through Divorce?


We plan to accomplish our goals with a four step plan already in action

Phase 1: Personal Development Digital Products

We will create personal development digital products, including online courses and eBooks, for women of faith in toxic or abusive marriages. These products will clarify the difference between their experiences and biblical marriage ideals, debunk the "stay and pray" myth, and guide rebuilding and thriving post-divorce.

Phase 2: Online Community Memberships

Amanda Stowe, CEO and Founder of Freedom Through Divorce will offer group coaching through online membership communities. These memberships provide personalized support and a community-driven experience, guiding women of faith through their journey. Memberships include unique physical stationery products designed to enhance learning.

Phase 3: Faithful Futures Job Placement Program

Women of faith in our Phase 2 career advancement program will be trained as freelancers and offered remote work opportunities with Amanda Nicole Consulting. They will learn entrepreneurship and business management, working as 1099 contractors instead of W-2 employees.

Phase 4: Courts of Heaven Family Court Alternative Program

In Phases 1-3 of our program, we help women of faith transition from toxic marriages to thriving lives. We track outcomes, including reduced reliance on government assistance and positive child development, to present to Congress for a family court alternative. We also provide legal support for women in traditional family court.

Our Current Status


Phase 1 is underway! Our online shop ( currently has several digital products available for sale for women of faith in toxic and dysfunctional marriages.

How You can help?


Freedom Through Divorce has achieved significant progress in Phase 1 by launching an online shop with over a dozen digital products. Our offerings include courses, eBooks, and journals covering topics such as toxic marriages, purpose discovery, career advancement, Bible study, and more.

Our marketing efforts need a boost. With funding for a recording studio, video editor, and equipment, we can significantly enhance our content marketing and reach our target audience more effectively.

Your financial support is integral to our success in achieving these objectives and amplifying our impact.

Our Plan for your Funding


Studio space rental for 12 months - $32,500

Video Editing Equipment and Software - $5,000

Video Editor for 12 months - $24,000

Total Amount Needed - $61,500

Our Competition


Pastors and Church Leaders - While women of faith often seek guidance on marriage from pastors and church leaders, our content resonates with those who are disillusioned with conventional advice.


Our message appeals to women seeking understanding and empowerment in navigating their struggles. We address the limitations of traditional counsel and offer solutions that lead to freedom and fulfillment.

Divorce InfluencersWhile there are numerous influencers in the divorce space with similar business models for phases 1-2, we set ourselves apart with our distinctive approach in phases 3-4.


Also, our faith-based perspective, coupled with CEO Amanda Stowe's concept of "Authorized Divorce," distinguishes our company and products in a crowded market.










































Your investment will enable us to continue our mission of empowering women through Freedom Through Divorce, creating lasting impact and transformation in the lives of individuals and communities alike. To contribute click the button below

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