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Helping Women of God just like you walk through the valley of the shadow of divorce, and into experiencing the FREEDOM of finding your purpose in God

with Amanda Nicole


About freedom through divorce

Freedom Through Divorce is a Christian-based online school where I am committed to helping you love your life again after divorce. I share from my own journey through divorce and from the knowledge that has been imparted from others who have been there.

The bible says that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Freedom Through Divorce is packed with personal development courses designed to help you renew your mind and live your destiny!

Freedom Through Divorce is for anyone going through a divorce or separation. Our mission is to empower women who are experiencing the trauma of divorce with vital biblical truth, practical tools, and essential tools from our God-given identity. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

About ME

My name is Amanda Nicole and I'm the owner of the Freedom Through Divorce online school.

There I was, a Christian woman in a toxic verbally and emotionally abusive marriage. After years of begging God to fix what was broken in my marriage, I looked into divorce. But any information I found on the subject scared me into staying in my marriage. After 3 more years of pain, misery, and feeling like the marriage was literally sucking the life out of me, I decided to look into divorce again. But this time, I decided to go straight to the source. How better to understand God’s view on divorce than to ask Him myself?


God showed me that I was the only one who could break the vicious cycle of pain and unhappiness I was trapped in with my abusive husband. It wasn’t long before I was able to experience Freedom Through Divorce. 

Freedom Through Divorce is a unique faith-based digital school, designed to transition Christian women from the bondage of abusive marriages through to freedom in divorce. We are helping thousands of women all around the country achieve freedom so that they can move forward with their lives and become amazing assets for the Kingdom of God. Outside the walls of the church, my mission is to provide education and tools that can help anyone create freedom by design, intentionally living out God’s plan for their lives.