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NC single mom Amanda Stowe sounded the alarm back in September 2022 regarding corrupt judges and lawyers in the family court system in Guilford County. She begged Governor Cooper in a letter she wrote to him (, to look into her allegations including the fact that her constitutional rights had been violated. After 4 months of being ignored, she’s calling for impeachment. Back in October 2022 she even wrote this desperate plea for help ( from the press to draw attention to her concerns. Stowe says, “The role of the Governor is to governor by protecting the citizens of the state from injustice. To be the gatekeeper of the state permitting what is in the citizens best interest, and resisting what isn’t. When a governor ignores the pleas of his citizens, corruption in the justice system, and a system that harms children, bullies and incarcerates good parents without trial and based merely on hearsay, and worst of all has little to NO oversight, that governor is NOT fit for the position. I am asking that Governor Cooper either put up or shut it. Either investigate my allegations and thoroughly look into the injustice that has taken place in my case, or get out of the seat of Governor. I call for other parents that have suffered at the hand of the unjust family court system to stand with me. Use the hashtag #CooperPutUpOrShutUp and tell your story on your social media. Tag your congressmen and women, and tag Governor Cooper. I call on any and all investigative reporters to investigate my claims. Look into case number 19 CvD 7960. Look into Judge Marc Tyree, Judge Angela Foster, and Attorney Karen Jackson. Any documentation that you can’t get from the case file, I have in my possession and am happy to provide it to you. Join me in sounding the alarm. It’s no secret that the family court system is as corrupt as they come, but every time a parent from within it seeks to expose the corruption, they are silenced or ignored. We’re told that those involved haven’t done anything “illegal.” Help me make sure that I am not ignored. Help me give a voice to parents and children who have been silenced. Help me make sure that this kind of behavior is not only seen as immoral but illegal!” Stowe wants justice for her and her daughter, and for other parents in her situation. She says she knows children who have run away as a result of the family court system in her state. She knows parents who have given up fighting just to keep their sanity. She says she simply won’t tolerate this anymore, and she welcomes anyone who will stand with her as she relentlessly fights for justice. She can be contacted at

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Press Release requesting help from the press

Letter sent to Governor Cooper

Letter sent to NC Attorney General

This is a summary of the events of the cases where the Defendant's rights were violated. Everything from a clear biased against the Defendant and a willingness to overlook clear evidence against the Plaintiff, Attorney's lying to get judges to sign orders, to Judges signing order written orders that don't reflect their verbal orders and the list goes on. All accusations can be verified by reviewing the case file (case number included above), the hearing/trial recordings, and the Defendant's phone calls while incarcerated.

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