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Looking for Biblical Clarity  concerning your Toxic Marriage?
Are you Pursuing God's Revelation for Divorce and Christianity


Look no further. This video is for you!

When I was considering divorce I had already tried everything. I’d tried submitting more to my husband, examining my own heart and trying to love more. I’d had prayed until I was blue in the face.


Nothing worked! 


My marriage was still toxic, still sucking the life out of me and my mental health, and I was almost certain that divorce was the answer.


What I needed was revelation. Not someone to tell me whether or not God was okay with me getting a divorce, but for someone to explain God’s true heart on the subject without the guilt and condemnation. Without the automatic assumption that my marriage was just like every other marriage and I just needed to pray harder. Without the assumption that the solution was to stay and pray.


I needed revelation from God and I was simply seeking someone to help me find it.


That is what this course is designed to do. To give you revelation on God’s true heart concerning divorce. To remove the strongholds that are preventing you from getting the revelation yourself so that you can hear God speak about your particular situation.


The video above is the first video in the course available for pre-order now set to be released Nov 3, 2023.


All students who pre-order the course, will have the opportunity to ask a question via email to me, and have me answer it in a bonus video. 


If you like what you've seen, then what are you waiting for? Place your order today!

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