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Helping Women of God just like you walk through the valley of the shadow of divorce, and into experiencing the FREEDOM of finding your purpose in God

with Amanda Nicole


About freedom through divorce

Freedom Through Divorce is an online school dedicated to helping Christian women walk through the valley of the shadow of divorce, into experiencing the FREEDOM of their purpose in God. Whether you're contemplating divorce or struggling to recover from it, I've got you covered.

The bible says that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Freedom Through Divorce is packed with personal development courses designed to help you renew your mind and live your destiny!

All along your journey from being stuck in a toxic and/or abusive marriage, to becoming the woman of God, mother, entrepreneur, and world changer that you were created to be, I'm there every step of the way to teach, train, and coach you towards reaching your goals. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

About ME

My name is Amanda Nicole and I'm a Faith-Based Life & Divorce Coach, and the owner of the Freedom Through Divorce online school.

There I was, a Christian woman in a toxic emotionally abusive marriage. After years of begging God to fix what was broken in my marriage, I looked into divorce. But any information I found on the subject scared me into staying in my marriage. After 3 more years of pain, misery, and feeling like the marriage was literally sucking the life out of me, I decided to look into divorce again. But this time, I decided to go straight to the source. How better to understand God’s view on divorce than to ask Him myself?


I quickly learned that His views on divorce were very different than what I'd thought. Gone were the judgment, condemnation, and scare tactics designed to keep women stuck in cycles of various kinds of abuse in their marriages. It wasn’t long before I was able to experience Freedom Through Divorce. 

The bottom line is that Christian women are staying in toxic, abusive, and life-draining marriages. Or, they are divorcing and then staying stuck never thriving, or becoming the amazing women that God created them to be. I got tired of continuing to sit back and let this happen, so I created the Freedom Through Divorce school, and I've never looked back. I've dedicated this online school to providing faith-based freedom-inducing aid through education exclusively for divorced or divorcing women of God. My mission is to help Christian women walk through the valley of the shadow of divorce, and experience the FREEDOM of their purpose in God.