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Hi there! Welcome to the FREE Course "Empowering the Tried Women." I am so excited to have you here. Below you will find the course video content. You can watch it at your own pace. If you will look in the gift bag that you received at the conference, you will find a course booklet that goes along with this course. But just in case you've lost it, there is a downloadable copy at the bottom of this page that you can download and print out. You will also find a resource page at the end of the downloadable version of the booklet, that includes with links to additional online resources to help you in your journey. I hope that you are blessed by the content in this course, and I pray that God will speak to you as you listen. God Bless You!

Amanda Nicole

Empowering the Tried woman
(Free Course)


Lesson 2: The Book of Ruth; What Happens when God calls the shots?

Lesson 4: Implementing God's Plan-Reorganizing Your Life

Lesson 1: The Book of Judges; the Cycle of Dysfunction

Lesson 3: Life Planning with God


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