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Welcome to the Freedom Through Divorce Affiliate Program! I am SO excited to be working with you. By now, you should have received via email your affiliate link, the link to this training page, and a coupon code to gain free access to the course. You're almost ready to get to work. 

Be sure to watch the training video above and learn how the affiliate program for Freedom Through Divorce works. In it, I walk you through ways that you can promote the course. It's important to note that I ultimately want you to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Ask Him where to promote and how to promote it so that you can help me bring freedom to His women in His way.

In the video, I explain how to market the course using your social media, but I'm aware that many of you might have very different audiences. You might have YouTube Channels, blogs, podcasts, or church groups. Don't feel like you are limited to what I discuss in the video. I fully expect you to come up with creative and unique ways to promote the course. The main thing is to ensure that you are being creative and not following what some affiliate marketing guru on the internet says. I run my business God's way and you must be committed to marketing it His way as well.

Freedom Through Divorce is a faith-based company, so this program does NOT function as a traditional affiliate program. Many of the tactics used for other programs simply won't work for this company. This is a very sensitive subject, and the courses are created to bring healing to hurting souls, so the course must be marketed as such. 

Lastly, please avoid using quotes and theology from places other than the course content when promoting this course. Most of the normal theology on this issue causes bondage rather than freedom, and that is the main thing I created this company to avoid. I certainly don't want to participate in the very thing I'm trying to stop. So, quotes like the statistics of divorce, or normal theology of divorce and remarriage as notes by other Pastors or religious leaders should NOT be used.

Once you start promoting the course, you will be paid weekly for your commissions and along with your payments, you will receive reporting that tells you how many courses were purchased using your link, and the total commissions due to you. Also be sure that before you start promoting the course, you have provided me with your payment info for Paypal, Stripe, CashApp, or however you want to be paid. You should have received instructions to do this in your original welcome email. Submit your information at amanda@amandanicoleconsulting.com.

Let me take this time to say THANK YOU for signing up for this program. I look forward to working with you as we advance the Kingdom of God.

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