3 Questions Christian Women in Toxic Marriages Need Answers to Before Deciding to Divorce

If you're a Christian woman considering divorce, chances are you're in a toxic marriage and you've been there for years. You've heard all of the theology, philosophy, and opinion on the subject of divorce, but you still feel like you're questions aren't being answered. 


Most women of God that find me are asking themselves one of 3 questions...


1. Why hasn't God fixed/saved my marriage?

2. Is Divorce Biblical?

3. What about the kids?


You would think that finding the answer is as simple as doing a Google search or asking your Pastor, but it's not. Those whom I work with choose to work with me because they know that the answers that are out there are incomplete at best. But finding those answers is imperative in order for you to make the best decision on how to proceed when you're in a toxic marriage. So, if you're a woman of God wanting answers to any of those questions, signup below to watch my FREE video answering those questions.