Are you a woman of God experiencing marriage problems and considering divorce?

People often ask why women in abusive marriages stay. There are so many reasons. The main reason is fear. Fear for your children. Fear for yourself. Fear of disappointing God. Sometimes it’s even fear for your spouse. It takes a lot of courage and many times a lot of heartaches to finally push past those fears and consider divorce despite them. But then, even once you do, most times you’re either met with more fear from your abuser, or judgment, guilt, and condemnation from others. People accuse you of being selfish, spoiled, or disrespectful to the institution of marriage. The list of mind games (aka mental strongholds) that the enemy uses is a mile long. But the purpose of each one is the same. To keep you stuck and miserable in a toxic marriage that God has NOT called you to. To keep you convinced that the pathetic and demonic excuse for a marriage that you have been in for the last few years of your life, is actually going to get better when the truth is that it will only get worse. To keep you from doing the one thing that can give you freedom...divorce.

Hi, my name is Amanda Nicole and if you’re reading this then chances are that you are in a toxic abusive marriage. Whether it’s verbally, emotionally, sexually, or physically abusive, or all of the above, know this, it is NOT God’s will for you to be a martyr in your marriage. No matter what you’ve been told, the bottom line is that there are marriages that God has put together that we can’t separate, and there are marriages that Satan put together that we MUST separate. If you’re pretty sure that yours fall into the latter category, I encourage you to order my course. The course is called “Authorized Divorce: When God Objects to Your Union.” It explains the difference between the two types of marriages so that you can see if divorce is right for you as you begin your journey towards experiencing freedom. Click below to enroll in the full course TODAY!